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November 11, 2009 at 6:04 am (Music) (, , , , , )

I had this idea to do something sooo blantantly idiodic and self-promotional, yet really fun and hilarious at the same time.

I made a Facebook quiz!!!

Which song from Toyshop are you???

I worked painstakingly on this tonight- started brainstorming ideas yesterday.  The app, Quiz Creator, was kind of a pain in the ass- at one point I thought I lost ALL my work, which was 3 hours worth of writing, most of which was not copied anywhere else- but it turned out I only lost HALF of it.

But I agonized over writing the results.  I really wanted answers that would hit home with people.  I know- it’s a stupid Facebook personality test, it has no weight in anything whatsoever- but I guess I’m just an overachiever, I took it really seriously!  I want to impress my friends.:)

I found really apt pictures for all the songs.  Interesting, because it did force me to stop and ask what my visual image was for each song, or how I would summarize it in one image.  I have a spooky cabin in the night sky for Midnight Bride, because I always imagine the lovers meeting at a summer cabin in the woods.  (“Way out here…”)  I have a fuzzy, dream-like image of a silhouetted guy standing under a willow tree for “Vision”- I guess that image always stuck in my mind, even though it’s just a toss-off line (“I had a vision of you standing by the willow tree”), written more for sound than for meaning.  Whereas other lines in the song are much more creative and interesting.  For Toyshop I have some really creepy-looking doll parts, for Monica I have a Successories parody poster called “Tits,” for ‘Kay I have a pair of hands streaming with blood, for “The Sky is Close” I have a silhouette of someone reaching for the blue sky, for “A Carol” I have a shining Christmas star, for “Snowshadow” I have snow in a lamplight- and again, that’s the visual image that I always get for that song, even though it’s one of the last lines.  And a good drawing of a hand reading for a more lightly-sketched hand, for “Pull Me Up”- I thought it represented well the idea of the girl in the song reaching for her dead mother.  Yeah, see, I don’t talk so much about what the songs are “about” because they are mostly non-narrative and all are non-autobiographical.  But I do have a lot of specific ideas in my head, at least visual.

So please take my quiz- and let me know what your results are!!!

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