A Carol video release Thursday

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I saw the rough cut of the music video!!  It looks really nice.  So fancy and professional!!  Keith has a really great feel for this genre, I can’t believe this is his first video.  I asked him to change a few small things, mostly editing out my physical faults.  (I swear I thought I had waxed all my chin hairs before the shoot.)  I hope he can pull off my edits.  I’m supposed to pick up the video from him tomorrow (today).

But YOU don’t get to see it until Thursday!!  We’re holding it for our music video release show.  Are you coming?

We’ll be playing at Otto’s Shrunken Head (my home club), 538 E 14th St between Ave’s A & B, around 6:30pm on Thursday.  (And by “around” I mean we got probably a half hour of fudge time; don’t show up at 7:30 and be pissed that you missed it.)  I expect we’ll play the video at the end of the set, because people are always fucking late.  I’m a little worried that not enough people will come, because it’s so close to the holiday that many people I know will already be out of town.

But I think it will be a good show to come to if you can.  Why?

-Because it’s free

-Because it’s punk rock tiki

-Because it’ll be exciting to see our video

-Because it’ll be exciting to see whether Frank can run the AV equipment

-Because it’s a Christmas song, the day before Christmas Eve

-Because I know a couple really cool people will be coming and you should meet them

-Because our drummer’s birthday is today and you should say happy birthday to him

-Because if you haven’t finished your Christmas shopping you can just buy everyone left on your list copies of our album.

OK I could think of more reasons but I would just be being creative.  Really just I think it’ll be fun, music videos are few and far between (it was a year ago that we shot our last one) so you don’t get that many chances to see a music video release party.

Here’s the Facebook event page– invite yourself!

I should add that we’re short a bass player for this one- neither Luigi nor Shelly could make it.  I was hoping to jump in with my 12-string acoustic to fill in the difference, but Ross seems to want to handle guitar by himself, so we’ll see what we decide.

Oh and, if you haven’t seen/done this yet, please help out (no, not asking for money!).

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Video shoot for A Carol

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In addition to finishing my run (such as it was) of Virginia this weekend, I had another big project, too.

We shot a music video!!!

Yeah OK I know we already did that before:

Yeah OK but anyways we made another one!!!!!

Well, it’s not done yet, but we made OUR part of it, and now it’s up to the charming and talented Keith Jenson and his Team to do the hard stuff.

Keith works professionally (full-time professionally, not “professionally” with 50 day jobs like us) in film and television, and since he has a background in music, he wanted to try channeling his talents into making music videos.  We liked each other’s work, so we said GO!

Well, you rock musicians out there know what REALLY happened.  We said “OK what is everyone’s conflicts for these dates… dude don’t forget to tell me your availability… DUDE WE ARE WAITING ON YOU WHAT’S YOUR SCHEDULE… ok so we can all do Tuesday… oh no we can’t, somebody changed something… ok so Friday’s clear… oh no I forgot to write down somebody’s conflict… well he can do Thursday but only until 4:30, but the other guy can do Thursday but only after 6… we can all do this date if two of us take off our day jobs… OK WE’LL DO FRIDAY BUT THIS GUY HAS TO LEAVE AT THIS TIME AND THAT GUY IS COMING LATE. OK? OK. OK? OK.”  I seriously wish I still had an assistant in India, ’cause this is the most needlessly annoying part of my job.

But I’m wasting time talking about What It’s Really Like To Be A Musician instead of showing you PICTURES!!!!!!!!

Makin’ a music video!! ^^

I look so sweet when you can’t see my eyes…

Keith at work…

This is what Luigi wore to the shoot ’til we made him change…

(he does a lot of swing music…)

That’s Luigi: The Rock Version.  Well, the Christmas Rock Version.

That’s the only pic we got of Joe, cuz he had to leave early cuz his daughter was singing Yellow Submarine in the school talent show. (all together now) AWWWWWW

Danny, the studio owner… hitting on me again….. oy

That’s me in my redhead look… I didn’t dye my hair, it just changes how the light hits it… no one believes me, but since you can see three distinct hair colors from me in the above shots, which are obvs from the same shoot, there’s your evidence.

So about Luigi: Shelly couldn’t make it, so I emailed all the bass players I could think of to see if anyone could fill in, and Luigi Babe came through.  He’s actually a guitar player, not a bass player.  Back before we made our album, and before I met Shelly, Luigi heard me play an acoustic set and liked it so much he offered to try playing bass with me, since I really really needed a bass player.  So he jammed with us (me and Ross) once and decided he preferred my acoustic music, but since then has changed his tune and he says now he prefers my full rock band stuff.  But anyways, I knew he was good from having played with him that once- actually, that’s not true, we played together twice.  Once I played a set at the TenEleven Bar and brought charts and he sat in and played electric to my acoustic.  So we’ve always worked well together.  Anyways so he was really cool about jumping in and learning the song and waking up early and being in our music video.

So, the video.  I let Keith choose which song from our album he wanted to direct.  He was interested in Monica of course, but I insisted that it was going to involve a trip to Boston, which wasn’t in the schedule for anyone (especially with weather being what it is this time of year, especially in Boston).  So he decided on A Carol, convinced that we could finish it just in time for the Christmas season.

The great thing is that he had a whole team of friends and colleagues willing to help out with his plan, which involved some crazy stop-motion stuff.  I guess the plot was to have the band playing, interspersed with stop motion of a Frankenstein toy building other Frankenstein toys into a manger scene.  (When we first talked about it they were building a source of light, but then he said it was a manger scene now.  He didn’t tell me that til the shoot, but then I think it was my idea to make the nativity theme more prominent so I can’t be all like “WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME BEFORE YOU CHANGED IT”)  This was all his plan, I didn’t really add much to the discussion because I didn’t have any real ideas about a Carol video, or if I did they would have been in a completely different direction (I totally would have had a processing church choir during the Gregorian chant parts, but then I have a procession church choir backround).

So apparently the stop-motion stuff is coming along well.  I have no idea.  I HAVE NOT SEEN A DROP OF IT.  But Keith says it’s looking good.

Sounds like I’m not gonna have as active a role in this one as I did in Toyshop.  For Toyshop, I came to Ross’s house multiple times and watched over his shoulder and made a list of things for him to change.  For this, Keith wasn’t even gonna ask my opinion ’til I was like “So uhh are you gonna run this by me before it’s finished” and he said he could send me a low-res file before he finalizes things.  So, I don’t get too much of a vote, but I at least want say for parts where I might look unattractive.

The shoot was actually pretty painless.  A lot easier than the Toyshop shoot.  Of course for Toyshop we had to shoot EVERYTHING- all the toy destruction on top of filming the band.  For this one we JUST had to film the band, which is pretty much the easy part (from the band’s perspective- we already know the song!!).  And Keith got us bagels.  And when we had a break we were close enough to go to Schnipper’s. Oh how I love their veggie & goat cheese sandwich and sweet potato fries with maple dipping sauce. mmmm I wonder if I watch the footage if I get fatter as the day goes on…?

The release show is Thursday, December 23 at Otto’s Shrunken Head.  We didn’t do a release show for our last music video, so we thought we’d try it.  NEITHER Luigi nor Shelly can play bass, so I gotta see if somebody is available or if it’ll just be a trio.  And if the trio involves me playing guitar or not.

I hope a few of you can make it.  It’ll be my first music video release show.  And I have no idea how the video will look.  I hope good?

See ya there!!

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