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Hi hi hi!!!

Sorry guys- I’ve been crazy busy trying to book this tour.  It’s impossible!!!!  I mean, people just don’t call you back, or they don’t answer their phones when they’re supposed to, whatever.  This is my first time trying to do this, if you hadn’t noticed.  I also thought my promoter would get me some gigs, but he hasn’t pulled that off yet.  But today, after spending about 6 hours doing emails, phone calls, and going through websites and MySpace pages of venues, I booked my first OFFICIAL gig!!!!  On Wednesday, April 29, I’ll be playing at 4620 Reinvented in Knoxville.  The lady who booked me was SOOOOO nice, she did everything on the spot (even hung up for 10 minutes so she could listen to my material on my website and call me right back).  Unbelieveably nice and helpful.  Oh man if everyone were like that… Anyways.  I have a couple *ideas* for where and when I can play, but nothing else officially booked yet.  Just a matter of people &@*#$*@ calling me/writing me back.

So, I haven’t written you guys in a long time, so I better let you know what’s up!!!  So, my gig at Otto’s was wonderful!!!  I was nervous when I got there- well, first of all I was trying to assemble my charts on the train- the charts which, as I expected, I didn’t end up needing at all- and then the band before me had a huge draw.  Part of the logic behind me playing a midnight (well it ended up being 11:30) show at Otto’s- and not going out of my way to promote it much- was getting to play to a small, intimate room.  And I get there and the place was packed.  I literally said to the bartender, “I hope all these people leave before I have to play!”  I mean, not to hurt the bar’s business, just that I was just testing the waters.  I was still afraid I would- not suck, but- not live up to my own potential.

I needn’t have worried- the room cleared out pretty fast after the band before me finished.  There was one guy I knew, who had brought a friend, and the rest of the room were people who just wandered in.

But they DID wander in!!  As I played, many people who were drinking out in the bar came back to see who was that girl singing and what’s going on back there, they pulled up a chair, and they listened to my whole set.  I’m so happy I was able to bring people into the room!:)

The gig went really well.  Sure, I played a handful of wrong chords- oh, and we couldn’t get my pick-up mic to work, after the fact we found out it needed phantom power and high gain.  So we did the whole sticking a microphone in front of the guitar thing.  So the guitar was pretty quiet and I pretty much couldn’t hear it at all, so I know I made mistakes but I’m not even sure myself to what extent.:)

So, my songs killed.  Yayyy!!!!!  People laughed out loud at “The Reason,” of course Monica was popular, but the other ones too- “Pull Me Up,” I had forgotten, after so much time, the effect that song has on people.  And I always can feel a huge audience response after “Vision.”  I probably wouldn’t even play it anymore except that every time I play it in public, it resonates so strongly with the audience.  Some of the lyrics are really lame, but some are very strong.

Anyway, if nothing else the gig at Otto’s served to boost my confidence.  I mean, I am a total narcissist and I think I’m a great musician with an amazing voice and my songs are all priceless treasures and my stage presence is legendary, etc.  But I was skeptical how I’d be able to manage transposing all my pieces for simple acoustic guitar.  And I was afraid my lyric-writing would show itself to be lame.  But in the end I had no trouble whatsoever commanding a room with my guitar, even on the songs that were not really meant to be acoustic solos, and I actually received multiple compliments on my lyrics.  That was a huge boost to me, as I’m so sensitive about them.

So now I’m trying to practice guitar a lot, to prepare for my tour.  I’m getting huge, terrible knots in my neck, because I like to play standing… I decided to try loosening the strap, which helped a little but it’s still bothering me.  Anyone have any suggestions?  If I’m going to be playing a set almost every night, I need to not have this getting worse and worse like it is.

Tonight I finally worked out one of my new songs (working title “The Sky is Close”) for solo acoustic.  It was a song I had felt iffy about… the lyrics in many places aren’t very strong, and while the chorus is super-catchy and fun, I wasn’t sold on the verses and the piece as a whole and how it fits into my act.  I’m including it on my album, but only because I have a real vision of a music video for it.  Anyways, tonight I finally worked it out on my guitar, and that cinched it.  It’s great.  It works.  I can’t get it out of my head.  I don’t know if it will be COMMERCIALLY popular, but people will like it.  It’s got a swing rhythm, very dancy, singable, minor key, and it’s the jazzy bridge that makes it.  Funny, as I was writing recently about how I hate writing bridges- but maybe that’s because I’m so picky about them.  Because when I DO write a bridge, it’s always like the best part.  So look for “The Sky is Close” at my next live acoustic show, and let me know what you think!!

So that’s what’s going on with me now.  Lots of phoning and emailing, trying to book my tour.  Oh, and also it’s Holy Week.  We had Tenebrae tonight, which was mostly Gregorian chant.  The motets we did were great, though.  Except I’m I think the only person in the whole choir who doesn’t have a solo at all the whole week.  Not that I particularly need a solo, but like I mentioned previously, I’m like, huh?  Whatever, we all get paid the same…

You all have a great night, and I’ll try to keep you posted about things!!!

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