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Still home with an owie wrist, so I thought we’d get caught up a little.

My guitar player of 6 years is leaving the band due to, basically just not having the time right now. It’s a shame ’cause he’s the only one in the band who’s been with me the whole time.  But it’s for the best: we work very, very differently, and it’s a miracle we managed to do so well together for so long. I thought he’d quit because he was mad at me/fed up with my criticisms, so it was really a relief that it was only about time constraints.

I’m not super-worried about finding a new guitar player, but it could have come at a better time. We’re sort of in limbo about the bass player situation.  Shelly still may or may not be moving out of state at the drop of a job offer, and I haven’t talked to/heard from the bass player who subbed yesterday about if he’s interested in a long-term position. So I kinda have two bass players and kinda none. I’d feel better about finding a guitar player if at least that were solidified. I only want to search for one new bandmate at a time. At least Joe the drummer is reliable! The good news is that we’ve proven ourselves capable of playing in pretty much any formation, so we can go without anyone we need to.  But I like us best as a quartet. By FAR.

Money. I’ve taken some time off day-jobbing to try to let my sprain heal. I probably shouldn’t even be typing this, but here we are.:) I had been hoping to pay off my debt by my birthday, but I am wayyy behind schedule. My album loan is down to $2663.88. Though I have to deposit $20 from selling the two albums to my two girlfriends at the show yesterday. So, you see how it’s slow going. I need some new strategies. Meanwhile, if you haven’t bought the album yet, for God’s sake man do it!

They forgot to sign my last paycheck at church. I guess I’ll have them do that next week. Bleh.

I turned down a couple opera roles the other day.  Ralph over at Amici, where I sang Appio in Virginia, called to ask me to save his butt in a few more einspringen roles.  None of them were roles I was interested in, and I didn’t want a repeat of the Virginia demi-fiasco.  So I gave him what I think was a very fair response: I would love to do it, but paying for all those bus tickets to Philly was financially difficult right now, and I couldn’t really afford to make the investment.  It’s true: I told him how I was trying to pay off my debt and everything. I figure if he really was as desperate as he sounded, he would have come up with the $100 to cover my multiple Chinatown bus rides to Philly.  But he did not offer.  If he had, I would have done it.  Since he didn’t, I don’t feel too bad.  I know I would have been depressed in such a senseless situation, as I was in Virginia, and money is just too tight right now.  Anyways, he’s never given me a role I’ve asked for- except Frasquita, which was filling in for someone else, and isn’t exactly a juicy bone.  He always gives me the runaround.  When I ask about a role I really want (Olympia, Lakme, Zerlina) he says he “hasn’t started casting that opera yet,” and then when I ask him later, he says he “already cast it.”  I know you got an overabundance of sopranos, but, well, I don’t owe him any favors.

Lest I sound bitchy, I do want to add that I think what Amici Opera does is REALLY GREAT and up-coming singers should really definitely sing with them.  They produce a shit-ton of operas every year, from standards to true rarities that you may never hear again in your life, all on a shoestring budget, just for the love of opera.  Ralph is a full-time opera buff and has dedicated his whole life to this.  Do it.  I just can’t seem to progress with the company in a way that would be beneficial to me- the resume is padded enough.  But if I lived in Philly I’d probably be there every week, either singing or watching.


It’s under two months til my birthday. Where should I have it? The last birthdays have been: The Moroccan Make-Out Bar (officially known as Shalel) last year, Bistrouge the year before that, the now-defunct Vynl on the UWS before that… I think the year before that I had a birthday show at Otto’s.  That was the year there was a huge noreaster… yeah I remember that one. It was wet. With cupcakes. I want a place that’s more a bar, not so much a restaurant. The drawback is that this year my birthday is on a Friday, so things will be more crowded. You’d think having your birthday on a weekend would be a plus, but since I’m in the arts, lots of my friends work/gig on weekends.  But I really do believe in celebrating the day of, so there ya go. Now taking suggestions on bars.  Prefer somewhere I can sit and talk with my friends, not somewhere with dancing or live entertainment.

That’s my update, ttyl!!

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