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Heyyyyy. My holidays are done.  Whew!  And now it’s blizzarding.  I did a midnight TP run and it took me an hour to get to the nearest 24-hour drugstore and back.  Just because of the snow.  The streets aren’t even shoveled, and for Manhattan that’s saying a lot.

So I’ll recap my holidays for you…

Thursday was the video release show. It was both really great and disappointing.  Shelly wasn’t available, and neither was Luigi, so we played as a trio- some of the songs just Ross and Joe played, and about half of them I joined in on 12-string.  I hadn’t played my 12-string in ages. Actually it was my first guitar, my dad had a 6-string and a 12-string so when I wanted to learn he took half the strings off his 12-string and gave it to me for my 16th birthday.  He had it since college so it’s older than me, and a beautiful guitar.  When I finally got my own 6-string, from a pawn shop in Paris, I put the other strings back on, but there’s that one that always breaks so it’s usually an 11-string.  I don’t usually play with it because some of my songs involve plucking, and it’s better for strumming, so since I was only going to play a handful of the songs this time I decided it would be a good chance to play it.

Frank was voluntarily running the AV equipment for us (it wasn’t his night to run things but he offered), we got there before him so Ross and I had time to review some of the chords, thank goodness.  We hadn’t rehearsed for this and the last show could have gone better in that respect.  I think the couple of minutes going over things helped a lot.  For me, too, as I had only decided to play along at the very last minute.  I’d been too busy all week to practice.

So we played really, really well.  Playing an instrument can be really fun at the parts where you don’t have to sing- the little interludes where I can just break it down and wail out on my guitar.  Rawr!  It’s hard when you have to sing, you have to keep your mouth in front of the mic and you can’t jump around too much or you get winded enough to mess up your singing.  When you just play, you can be so much more physical.

The thing that was disappointing is that almost no one came.  I had been expecting a bunch of friends, my “regulars,” who didn’t make it at the last minute.  The worst thing is Philine, my photographer, had to call out sick, and both Keith and his assistant Abigail had specifically requested photos (for Keith’s website) and I had said sure no problem I had a photographer coming.  Very very luckily, a friend who is really a friend of a friend said he was planning on coming, and he’s also a very good pro photographer (he has a pic of me doing aerial silks somewhere but I don’t know if it’s online anywhere public), so I hit him up to fill in as photographer and he agreed.  So he came, and one of my regular fans, Scott, came in halfway through the set after his church choir rehearsal, and somebody from Twitter told me they had come for part of my set but I didn’t know they were there, and besides that it was mostly, you know, the band playing after us.  That was a let down because we went through so much effort to arrange this, but we had so much fun and hopefully at least will get some good photos out of it.  The video went over great.

I had just splurged on some cute sweaters so I wore those, to kinda keep in the holiday spirit.  Frank was lecturing me on how we don’t “look like we sound,” and encouraging me to wear vampire contacts and the guys to wear half-clown masks.  That would be such a trip to try sometime!  Unfortunately our music is not consistently gothy enough to pull it off.  But yes, layered pink and white sweaters is not really the standard attire for Midnight Bride and A Carol.  The problem is that I like to dress for the occasion of my specific shows- when I left for Berlin I was playing acoustic so I went hippie, when I came back I wore a punk Berlin t-shirt, etc, when I play on my birthday I wear a cute party dress.  That’s OK cuz like I said the music’s not consistent either.:)

Had fun afterwards though, hanging with Nick and his friends and our album producer Martin who couldn’t make it in til the show was over.  We went to S’mac. Mmmmmmm

Christmas Eve I had two services- or, more correctly, one service and one Mass.  I was a ringer at St. Michael’s on 34th, where I’ve sung a handful of times, for an early evening Mass, then ran over to my church, Church of the Holy Apostles, for our late service.  And when I say “ran” I mean it literally.  Mass at St. Michael’s went so overtime I had to leave in the middle of the anthem to get to Holy Apostles in time.  I felt bad, but I had warned them ahead of time I could only stay til 7:45 or so, and since we’d rehearsed with no break, I had done a solid 2 hours and 45 minutes of singing for them already.

Holy Apostles was nice because we had a chamber orchestra, SWEET! But we also had no break, and also had a half hour choral prelude, and so yeah basically I was singing straight time from 5pm til almost midnight with no break except sermons.

Christmas morning Holy Apostles doesn’t use us, so I subbed at St. Bart’s.  At first I had turned them down because they don’t pay enough, but the soprano offered me a bonus, and I do enjoy singing there (it’s so pretty and the director is nice and precise) so I went for it.  I think I subbed there for Christmas last year, because the music had my handwriting in it…

Today I subbed for a friend at Holy Trinity on the East side, which is where we did Veil of Forgetfulness a few years ago.  I went against my convictions and sang for below my minimum fee, but only because it was for a friend and she was desperate to find someone.  They only had a quartet today (I guess they usually have a bigger group), and it wasn’t as polished as the other places I’ve sung this week, but I always enjoy trying out a new church.  It was a nice friendly neighborhood church, must less formal than Holy Apostles or St. Bart’s.

Then I was going to do stuff but it blizzarded so I stayed home!  The snow is really crazy out there, I can’t remember the last time I saw so much arrive so quickly.

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