A call to action: A Carol on the radio

December 17, 2010 at 6:39 pm (Music) (, , )

It’s Christmas.  We have a Christmas song.

A Carol

Like every band, I sent my CD to a zillion college radio stations, who probably forgot they have it.

As we are about to release a music video for A Carol, and it’s Christmas, this would be the PERFECT time to have them play it.

Can you please help us?  The following is a list of college/indie radio stations that, according to my notes, should have my album.  You know what to do, right?  Call any of these stations (preferably those local to you, but I’m not picky) and request “A Carol” from the album Toyshop by Amanda White.

I know, I’m not the kind of person who calls into radio stations either.  But it would help out so much:

It would help me because I need as many people as possible to hear this song, and because your findings will help me update my data- ie, which stations do and don’t still have my album (some assholes sell unopened albums on eBay, which is a lesson to put some sort of “for promotional use only” stamp on it), which received them by mistake (if I stupidly sent it to a country music station), and which will happily play my music with a little prodding from my fans.  Also, see notes below as to confusion about whether or not a list of stations has my album- would LOVE to know without calling them all myself one by one.

It will also help the DJ’s, who want to play holiday music to be festive, but can’t find enough that doesn’t suck.

So if you could please do this for me and my band, and leave your results in the comments, it would be just the biggest help!  Thanks so much in advance.


WVSU Birmingham, AL

WJSR Birmingham, AL

WLRH Huntsville, AL

KUAC, Fairbanks, AK

KSUA Fairbanks, AK

KRRX Redding, CA

KSDT La Jolla, CA

BRUIN Radio, Los Angeles, CA

90.7 Berkeley, CA

KCSS Turlock, CA

KFSR Fresno, CA

KKSM San Marcos, CA

KSCU Santa Clara, CA

KUCI Irvine, CA

WPKN Bridgeport, CT

WVOF Fairfield, CT

WWUH West Hartford, CT

WSAM West Hartford, CT

WUTF Gainesville, FL

Radio X Ft. Lauderdale, FL

WDNA Miami, FL

WBRY Miami Shores, FL

WUOG Athens, GA

WRAS Atlanta, GA

WREK Atlanta, GA

WIDB Carbondale, IL

WHPK Chicago, IL

WLUW Chicago, IL

WIIT Chicago, IL

WXAV Chicago, IL

WCYT Fort Wayne, IN

The Globe 91.1 Goshen, IN

KWLF Decorah, IA


KWDM West Des Moines, IA

KBVU Storm Lake, IA

KDIC Grinnell, IA

KRUI Iowa City, IA

The River 89.7 Iowa City, IA

KRNL Mount Vernon, IA

KVCO Concordia, KS

WRBC Lewiston, ME

WHSN Bangor, ME

WBOR Brunswick, ME

WCYY Portland, ME

WUPI Presque Isle, ME

WUMF Farmington, ME

WMFO Medford, MA


WHFR Dearborn, MI

WCBN Ann Arbor, MI

Radio K Minneapolis, MN

KGLT, Montana State University, MT

KNMC Havre, MT

KUFM Missoula, MT

WDCR Hanover, NH

WBFO Buffalo, NY

WBNY Buffalo, NY

KNDS Fargo, ND

ACRN Athens, OH

KPSU Portland, OR

KLCC Eugene, OR

KEOL La Grade, OR

WRCT Pittsburgh, PA

KSDJ Brookings, SD

KVLU Beaumont, TX

KSAU Nacogdoches, TX

KSYM San Pedro Ave, TX

KACV Amarillo, TX

KANM Texas A&M, TX

WGDR Plainfield, VT

KGRG St. Auburn, WA

KBCS Bellevue, WA

KUGS Bellingham, WA

KAOS Olympia, WA

KUPS Tacoma, WA

KUWR Laramie, WY


At this point it in my list seems I have lost some data- like, the finalized version of the spreadsheet got lost, but I have an earlier one.  I distinctly remember sending CD’s to some of the following stations, but they’re not checked off in my Excel sheet. If anyone has a chance to call some of these radio stations, please please let me know whether or not they have the album!

KVRX Austin, TX

KWTS Canyon, TX

KXUL Monroe, LA

KZSU Stanford, CA

WCWP Brookville, NY

WDCV Carlisle, PA

WCSB Cleveland, OH

WGLS Glassboro, NJ

WBZC Pemberton, NJ

WTUL New Orleans, LA

WSYC Shippenburg, PA

WSOU South Orange, NJ

SCAD Savannah, GA

WSRN Swarthmore, PA

WVFS Tallahassee, FL

WYBF Radnor, PA

WZIP Akron, OH

WTJU Charlottesville, VA

WRST Oshkosh, WI

WFAQ Milwaukee, WI

Marquette Radio, Milwaukee, WI

WORT Madison, WI

WSUM Madison, WI

WMNF Tampa, FL

WPRK Winter Park, FL

Eagles FM, Daytona Beach, FL

FAU Owl Radio, Boca Raton, FL

WRFW River Falls, WI

WWSP Stevens Point, WI

WVUD Newark, DE

KTEQ Rapid City, SD

WRIU Kingston, RI

WBRU Providence, RI

BSR Radio, Providence, RI

KAPU Los Angeles, CA

Babson College Radio, Berkeley, CA

KRFH Arcata, A

K-Beach Radio Long Beach, CA

KBYU Salt Lake City, UT

KCPR San Luis Obispo, CA

KCRH Hayward, CA

KJAK Flagstaff, AZ

WTJU University of Virginia, VA

WAMH Amherst, MA

WBIM Bridgewater, MA

Goucher Student Radio, Baltimore, MD

WCNU Newport News, VA

WRDP Chicago, IL

WEHC Emory, VA

WJCU Cleveland, OH

Black Squirrel Radio, Kent, OH

WJRH Easton, PA

WMTS Murfreesboro, TN

WMBR Cambridge, MA

KCCR Tacoma, WA

WRPN Ripon, WI

KAMP Tucson AZ

KDVS Davis, CA

KSDT San Diego, CA

KVCU Boulder, CO

WHUS Storrs, CT

KTUH Honolulu, HI

WMUC College Park, MD

KGLX St Louis, MO

WRUV Burlington, VT

WVTC Randolph Center, VT

WGLZ West Liberty, WV

KUGS Bellingham, WA

WNCU Durham, NC

WNCW Spindale, NC

WNKU North Kentucky University, KT

WPPJ Pittsburgh, PA

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