This is Your Life, Martin Bisi!

November 6, 2009 at 3:39 am (Music) (, , )

I call it that because I keep wanting the people from the albums to walk in the room and be like, “HEYYYY!  Martin!  Remember that time when we did that thing?  That was so sweet!!” or “What do you mean, you don’t remember my wife’s name!?”

This is an auto-retrospective of the career of Martin Bisi, who produced my album, Toyshop, as well as produced, recorded, and mixed for many other luminaries besides me (such as: Sonic Youth, Swans, The Dresden Dolls, John Zorn, Bill Laswell, Foetus, Helmet, Boredoms, Herbie Hancock [Rockit], Africa Bambaata, Bootsy Collins and Brian Eno).  In this video, he disintigrates his wall-o-album-covers, representing notable records that he has worked on throughout his years in BC Studio.  The series below may seem long, but it’s really worth a watch if you have any interest in the history of rock and other popular music from the 1980’s to the present day.

And if you liked that, check out Martin’s music video for one of his own songs…


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