South Dakota

October 6, 2009 at 11:43 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , , )

Hello friends and fans! I’m in South Dakota.  No. I’m not playing a gig- I’m just taking a little vacation for me!  I really love going new places, so I decided to take a little (huge) detour from my tour to go to Mount Rushmore.  ‘Cause I’ve never been to South Dakota, and when am I gonna get another chance?

My gig in Chicago was pretty fun.  There wasn’t a big audience but the people who were there were unusually attentive.  My parents, brother (Dan), and some of my mom’s friends came, so I got to sing my songs about boobs and vaginas and sex for my parents yayy but I’m a rockstar whaddaya gonna do?  Danimal sold 2 CDs- a record for me (since my CD release, at least).  Neither of them were full price (I offered “sliding scale”), but I’m just happy to sell them.  It makes me happy!

Yesterday I played in St Paul, Minnesota.  It was pouring rain the entire time, and there was an insanely huge football game on- Packers-Vikings- the farther North I got the more I heard about it on the radio.  So there was like nobody there.  A bunch of people who worked there, and a couple people watching the football game.  There was a local guy playing after me and he sat through my whole set, but decided to bail on playing since there was like no one there and the people who were there were just watching the game.  I played an extra long set just to practice ’til my fingers started to hurt.  Dammit, why aren’t my callouses better by now?  Oh well I still played for well over an hour.  It’s good practice for me.  St Paul-Minneapolis seemed really cool except it was pouring the whole time so I didn’t really see much of it.  I tried today but was thwarted by the rain and by parking meters that only take quarters. wtf parking meters.  Nickels and dimes are money too.  What, are you going to do my laundry in my car while I’m gone? sheesh.

So today I drove across South Dakota.  The rain ended somewhat early on and after that it was a pretty nice drive!  No traffic, open skies, peace and quiet.  I stopped for dinner in Wall, where they have that famous drug store.  My friend Arlen had recommended I go to the drug store, though it was largely closed by the time I got there- like, there was a souvenir shop section open, but the cafe was closed, and I was really hungry, so I went to a bar across the street and had a really good quesedilla.  Met some locals.  Tried a beer called Moose Drool.  It was a really fun little break.

Then I drove the rest of the way to Lead, where my hostel is.  It’s more of a European-style hotel than a hostel- shared bathrooms, but largely private rooms.  It’s a beautiful house, gorgeously decorated.  Best part?  There is snow on the ground!  Fluffy white snow!  It’s so pretty!  I generally do not like the snow, but I haven’t seen any since like February so this is like the first snow of the year for me.  Plus, the town is charming and historic, and the snow looks so pristine and storybookish.  Yes!  Happy.

Tomorrow is my day off to enjoy the Black Hills- see Mount Rushmore, maybe hike or something if the weather looks nice, there is gambling here too, in Deadwood, that’s not my thing of course.  Then Thursday night I go to Fargo to play a gig.  And then it’s back to Chicago with me!

As for my cold, I’m getting better.  I feel a million times better, but my voice is still screwed up.  I’m trying to coax it back- I’m singing Suor Genovieffa next week so I have to be in good shape.

I’m gonna run but I’ll talk to you all later.  Love!

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