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April 21, 2009 at 3:34 am (Music)

Hi everyone!!

Ugh sooooo busy!  I’ve been trying to be good about practicing guitar like pretty much every day, and squeezing in some opera too (not as much as I want, but there are only so many hours in the day).

Ok so here’s the current.  4/25, first day of tour, playing a benefit for the Fire Department in Fredericksburg, VA at Q-Ball.

Still trying to fill 4/26 and 4/27.  Would love a gig in Asheville or Chapel Hill, even Nashville.  If anyone has a connection, let me know!!

4/28 playing at the Acoustic Coffeehouse in Johnson City, TN.

4/29 playing at 4620 Reinvented in Knoxville, TN.

4/30, 5/1, 5/2 still up in the air- got a few leads.

5/3 playing Room 710 in Austin, TX- turns out opening FOR SOMEONE I KNOW.  By RANDOM coincidence.  They told me over the phone I’d be opening for Richard Lloyd of Television.  I know Billy Ficca of Television, and wrote our mutual friend to tell her, and she told me Billy’s on tour with Richard.  So… small world or what????????

5/4-5/6 playing Dunn Bros. Coffee in Houston, Katy, and Spring TX.  They have three locations so they offered me three gigs. :)

5/7 will be spent driving and crashing at someone’s house.  Probably no time for gig.  Unless something comes up in a convenient location.

5/8 I asked for a gig in Harrisburg, hope they give it to me!  Except I think I might have accidentally asked for 5/7 instead of 5/8- better call them again tomorrow!  I have friends there from having done Capitol Opera Harrisburg.

5/9 I return the rental car and am back in NY.

I need to make a to-do list.

So, I got my Amanda White decals to hand out, if anyone feels like defacing property!

I also ordered Amanda White girlie tank tops to sell on tour.

As far as selling a CD, I don’t have time to have an EP printed, and anyways I’m working on a full album, so I’m going to probably just burn demos off my computer and sell them really cheap, just so people can have something.  I’ll try to get a friend with an Ederol to record some of my acoustic stuff to add on there.

I try to keep adding songs to my rep- new stuff, old stuff that I never thought of as guitar pieces.  For example, I transcribed my old piano standby, “It Gets so Cold,” which I wrote many years ago in Paris- it’s very like jazz standardy.  It’s the only song I can play on piano by heart.  So now I can play it on guitar.  You’ll like it, it’s nice.

I added my new Queen-style old-timey waltz.  Except to make it work on guitar I have to play it slower than I want it, so it doesn’t sound Queeny.

It occured to me today that I…think?… I used to play A Carol on acoustic guitar, before it became really metal.  So now I gotta remember how I did it.  I guess there’s technically not many chords, I’m just not sure what they were.  The ones I’m playing don’t seem like something I would have played 6 years ago.  Maybe I never did play it on guitar…… but I still could… Just trying to keep fleshing out my set!

My website is under redesign.  It’s just taking forever.  Every day I have to correct something.  Read my mind, Indian people!!!!  No srsly some things I have to explain 4 times.  Can we just finish it and post it?  People are looking at my website and it is lame!  The new one looks awesome, it’s just… The person who did the mock-up doesn’t seem to work there anymore, and the person doing the rest of the site just doesn’t have his talent.  So I don’t really like most of his work the first time around, and I have to be like, “No, that looks silly.”  Whereas the site itself is totally badass.  Wait til you see it!  So not operatic. ;)

I got my Easter check!  Too bad I already spent it on Amanda White tank tops!!

I’m sure there’s more I should be talking about but I forget.  So everyone have a super day!!!

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