Track list/Sponsors Needed

April 3, 2009 at 4:20 pm (Music) (, )

As mentioned in my last email, I’m very much in need of sponsors for my upcoming album.  I’m not taking investors, since I know the album will make no money.  Instead, I’m asking people to sponsor a song.  In return for covering the cost of producing & recording the song (about $500), you not only get a thank you package including a copy of the album, Amanda White stickers, and an autographed photo, but you also get to DEDICATE the song in the liner notes.  You can dedicate it to a pet, a deceased loved one, a living hated one- the possibilities are endless!  And if $500 is too much for you (like it is for me, ugh), you can go in with a friend or your group from the soccer team or church.  (Well, maybe not church- my songs have a lot of swearing in them!)

Here is the track listing (not necessarily in this order), with a line of lyrics.  Some of the demos are on my website, others are not public because they’re too rough, but most have at least something you can listen to.  I can also send full lyrics upon request.

1. Toyshop (bring your broken hearts into my toyshop)

2. Midnight Bride (sugar sugar, don’t let go a’ me, if you know me, show me slowly)

3. ‘Kay (And I know someday you’ll be back beneath the guidance of the wind, and I know somewhere you’ll be fine within your sin… after all, it’s you.)

4.  Pull Me Up (I can’t lift my corpse from off the street…)

5.  Snowshadow (You give your life for the warmth of human touch. Only the frozen realize that it’s worth that much.)

6. The Reason (Having sex with you is like pulling teeth, yeah)

7. A Carol (Give us your peace or give us your sword, just don’t keep us waiting Lord)

8. Monica’s Getting her Tits Done (she’ll be the hottest piece in Boston)

9. The Sky is Close (I’ve got the sun in my hair, I’ve got wings I’ve got the air)

10. Vision (And I just nodded at you, and you knew, in that moment, you knew)

Get in touch soon before your favorite song is taken!!!!!


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