The Globolinks of Penzance

December 7, 2008 at 11:39 pm (Music) (, , )

Ahhhh.  My last performance of Pirates is over.  And I just spend like wayyy too much time fixing my RSS feed.  That should have been way easier than it was.

The Loew’s in Jersey City was incredible!!!  I wish I’d had time to check it out.  We (my fave chorus girl Maggie, her mom, and I) got there at 12:45 and I pretty much had to set to work on hair and make-up.  It was byooooooootiful!!!!  Agh!!  I couldn’t bear it, it was so perfect and old-fashioned and charming and exquisite!  I MUST GO BACK!!  YOU MUST GO!!!  No, no pics ’cause my camera was stolen in Bolivia.  I tried to take one from the outside with my iPhone but I was too far away so it looks stupid.

Maggie’s mom is a hair goddess, and did my hair in wonderful curls that didn’t budge.  Overall I looked quite charming.  Hope to get pics?

So yeah, basically everything was great, everything I was involved with at least.  Oh, my favorite part is during Climbing Over Rocky Mountain, when we got to our spinning parasol circle, the audience applauded.  They’d never done that before, and it was so charming!!  It felt, like, old fashioned or something.  Not to mention, you do it so many times you forget that it’s awesome (I’m assuming; I’ve never seen it).

Everything was great.  Less drama than before- I tested my parasol before I went on, all my clothes fit.  It was still a little off-kilter working with Eric, as he still didn’t always do what I was expecting, but nothing bad.

I was starving like the whole time.  I kept being like, “Oh, I’ll eat something after the next scene,” and never did.

I was expecting a ton of people, but I only found one friend waiting for me after it was over- I’m not sure if people bailed or if they came and left early.  I heard from two people who called out sick, and someone who came with a friend but didn’t wait for me, so I’m not sure about everyone else.  Like I said, I was expecting a lot of people who had never heard me before, so they don’t necessarily know that you can wait to see me afterwards, or that you should at least let me know you were there!

For future reference, all!  If you come to see me in a show, at least everywhere I’ve ever performed, you can stick around and see me after it’s over- but if you’re my friend, let me know you’re there, or else I might take my sweet time getting dressed.  If you are not my friend, yes, you should stick around and tell me how you liked the show.  However, if you lack social skills, let me forewarn you not to overstay your welcome- a good fan is someone who sticks around, says hi says what they want to say, maybe we have a mini-conversation, and then you go home.  A creepy stalker is someone who won’t go away.  Don’t wait for a verbal cue, because I don’t want to give you one unless I have to.  You can be as enthusiastic as you want, I LOVE it- Let’s just say, you don’t get to leave with me and my friends and my coworkers- you should have cleared out by the time we’re taking off.  That’s a good rule of thumb I think.  I don’t have a lot of problems, but it needs to be said.  (I don’t mean my friends who come to see me- I had a friend there waiting for me today, that’s totally different.)  I definitely see the value of writing a whole post about good fan vs. creepy stalker in the future, but I think I should wait til I’m more famous and have more fans and stalkers to bounce theories off of.

Me and Maggie and Maggie’s mom and my friend Dan went out to get really really good Thai food in the village, at which point my remaining energy totally crashed.  Then I came home and decided I needed some chill time…

So I watched this:

Help, Help, the Globolinks!

Help, Help, the Globolinks!

I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVED IT!!!!!!  I did this opera in college- I was Madame Euterpova, who is the star, even though Emily always seems to get billed as the lead.  If I were to do it outside college, I would probs be cast as Emily, which is a much lighter role (obvs), but you KNOW I had fun with my Euterpova!

OMG the video was SOOOOO CUTE!  OK so this is a really dated opera, and it’s a really dated movie.  Like, in a really hilarious way.  1968.  I SO wish there were some good clips of this on YouTube, because you need to see it to believe it.  Just Netflix it.  But I have to say, I am something of a hater when it comes to hearing other singers- I’m very picky- but everyone in this movie was PERFECT.  I am especially critical towards people singing *MY* roles- largely because I grow so attached to my own interpretations, it’s hard to win me over- but Arlene Saunders was just to die for.  Aghh!  She’s adorable, I just want to eat her up!!!!!!!  I recommend.

Love always,

Amanda White

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