November 8, 2008 at 4:17 am (Music) ()

I know, I should be in bed.  Why do we have to sing at 2pm?  It’s too early to sing opera!  Church is one thing, you never have to sing above an A, and even that’s rare- but I’ve got probably more high F’s tomorrow than Tonio has high C’s.  I want to be in good shape, just so they all sound awesome.  Tuesday we had rehearsal and I went right after waking up and didn’t warm up and my F’s were fabulous, but Thursday I went right after waking up and didn’t warm up and they sucked until the second run.  So I want to make sure I have time to wake up and warm up.  And have lots of coffee.

I’m still not sure what I’m gonna wear.  (Yeah I should have probably figured that out tonight.)  I’m supposed to dress character but not costume.  ie, pants for the first act, fancy gown for the second.  I thought for the second act I could wear the peachy dress I wore at the last Tauber Day concert I sang in, since it’s so lacy and girlie, and old-fashioned.  But I don’t have any really nice pants outfits.  I have some business casual-type stuff, but it’s not really concert attire.  I might opt for one of my favorite pants outfits, but then I had the idea that- I have fatigues, why don’t I just wear them?  More costumey than I was instructed, but it’s in a library, it’s not like things are strict.  Maybe I’ll wear the army pants down there and see what the directors think, and bring nice clothes to change into if need be.

Here’s the flyer:


Oh man, I should go to bed.  I’ll see you guys tomorrow!



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