Frederick here, o joy, o rapture!

November 4, 2008 at 5:17 am (Music) (, )

On Thursday I got a Frederick!  The guy who sang Richard to my Rose in Ruddigore is covering Frederick, and I think he’s doing it at the Jersey City show on Dec 7, but he’s not the for real Frederick.  The for real Frederick was for some reason or other unable to attend rehearsals until last week, and we were debating whether or not he would ever actually show up, but when I got to rehearsal on Thursday night he was there.  Except, he’s a baritone.  ??? He’s transposing things down.  OK, that’s a fair price to pay to have a good Frederick.  And he’s good, he’s funny and a good singer.  So I’ll put up with the wrong Fach, as long as they don’t accidentally transpose down my opening cadenza like they did tonight.

The show is going great.  Guys wore their costumes tonight.  Girls’ costumes are the same as we wore at our show in the Bronx earlier this year, which were kind of lame, and I don’t think I got any pics.  (A lot of people took pics and promised to send them but DID NOT. wtf u guys.) Guys costumes were colorful and fun (I mean they’re pirates, hard to screw that up), but there will be some changes so I don’t know what the end result will be.

So there are two main shows that you should think about coming to.  One is in Ridgewood on Saturday, November 15.  This is our “home show,” the biggest show of the run.  (There is also one the next day but my double is doing that one.)  I have tickets for sale for this one, they’re about $20, you save $2 if you buy directly from me.  You should definitely buy in advance if you can so let me know.

The other big show is Sunday, December 7.  This one is in Jersey City, and it’s the one most of my friends will be coming to because it’s easily accessible from the city.  This is a Sunday matinee, and it’s in a really big theatre, the Loew’s.

I’ll be sending out an email about all of this, but my assistant is a flake lately and hasn’t written it yet.  Um, so if you’re not on my mailing list, get on it?  By signing up at my website!!!  Or whatever.

OK so I’ll talk to you guys later!!!

Love always,

Amanda White

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