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August 29, 2008 at 5:53 pm (Music)

Hey everyone!

I’ve been planning for ages to have a set of tshirts printed up, but haven’t pulled the resources together. I didn’t want to open a page on Cafe Press because their stuff sucks, but I finally decided to try Zazzle. Last month I took my design and ordered a tank top, and it looked pretty good. So I went ahead and opened a gallery, where you can buy merch with my name and design on it. Please go here and order something! And let me know how it comes out, since I’ve only checked one of the products so far. Better yet, send me a pic of you wearing it!

Also let me know if you want something you don’t see, like a different product or song lyrics on the back (I put a line from my unreleased song “Snowshadow” on the back of the girls’ tank top, but I didn’t go ahead and do it with the other products ’cause I wasn’t sure what lyrics people would want).

So, back to my life. Monday we had our first of two Carmen rehearsals. People were really on book, which was a little disconcerting, but left me feeling better about the parts I didn’t know- there was one chorus part that I was confused about whether or not we were or weren’t singing, turned out we were and I hadn’t finished memorizing it- and another part Ralph hadn’t warned us that he wanted us to sing. My friend Jessica Kasinski, who sang in Thais with me, is Carmen, and she sounds REALLY REALLY GOOD. And she’s one of those wonderful people to work with onstage, like Heather Green and Veronica Soldera and a few of my other singer friends who really just burn up the stage.

Albert Nidel, who was my Tonio in Pagliacci, is Zuniga. Actually I remembered when Eric Jorgenson and I offered to put in a good word for him with Amici, and I think Eric directly got him this part.

And like I probably mentioned before, the girl who was double cast with me as Bastienne, Rebecca Graver, is Mercedes. So I know a good portion of the cast. (Ralph is Escamillo of course!)

So yeah peeps were totally using music the whole rehearsal, even those that had performed it recently (Amici has done it a few times recently), but I’m sure it’s more of a security blanket thing. Hopefully we’ll put down the scores for the next rehearsal. But I have to shut up ’til I’m 100% on those chorus parts.

So I’m sitting around trying to memorize the chorus in Act 4 we apparently DO have to do, and I’m thinking, “You know, technically I don’t know what a quadrille is, so I should probably look it up.” To clarify: I thought the quadrille was a dance, but from the lyrics of the chorus it sounds like a part of a parade. Like, a parade with soldiers with swords. So I’m like, OK it’s a really exciting part of the parade, probably involving some sort of dance-like formation, starring soldiers armed with swords. So I’m sitting around googling and wikipediaing it, and it turns out that I was pretty much right on both accounts- it IS a dance, a square-dancey like thing, BUT it was originally based on a HORSE dance. So the quadrille in the parade is a horse dance. Well then I start getting curious, and wondering what a quadrille looks like- in either the human or equestrian form. So I YouTube the human version, and I come up with these rather dull videos- but the soundtrack threw me for a loop. They’ve got some midified version of Fledermaus playing! The opening number is a mash-up of Prince Orlovsky’s aria with a bit of Adele’s audition aria thrown in. The other 3 installments all feature highlights from Die Fledermaus, as well. Huh???

And in case anyone else is curious like me, I did find the horse version. A little dull, but on the other hand- Equi-dance, huh? I think if I were into horses I would totally be doing “equi-dance.” :) It’s a neat concept. I wonder if the horses eventually memorize the moves?

This is a long entry already, but one more bit of news- today was my first day back at New York Circus Arts Academy after my surgery. Cypher insisted that I make my reentry through his Conditioning and Flexibility class, which is suckage for me because I don’t particularly care for that class as I am already a house and it hasn’t done squat for my flexibility. But anyways it was really really great to be back, even with all my saying to myself “I really shouldn’t be doing aerial anymore, not with my bad shoulder, and I really don’t have time, and it’s totally not beneficial to my music or anything,” but after two hours back there I can tell I won’t be leaving anytime soon. It just feels awesome to be there.

OK I shd go luv u by


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